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We are a nation of pussies. When did it become acceptable to limit free speech when a few people might be offended?  Granted you cannot say words that will incite a riot or create a dangerous situation, but free speech is the backbone of our country. If I want to stand in a park and say “fuck the President” over and over again, I have this right.  If you don’t like it, you can simply choose not to listen.

Don Imus has been a radio host for over thirty years.  He has made a career of the spoken word and shitting on all walks of life.  Of course he doesn’t have free reign to say whatever he wants, he’s subject to certain laws, FCC guidelines and any other rules made by the person who signs his check.  He’s also subject to this ludicrous guilt complex that has been instilled in generations of Caucasians – you are a racist and a bigot if you say certain words.  Never mind that he is a radio talk show host that has made a career of being a “shock jock” and saying outrageous things.  Never mind all the charity work that he has done for terminal children.  Never mind the statements he made were an attempt at humor.  Never mind that a bunch of college girls don’t give a shit about what Don Imus has to say.  Never mind that he apologized.

Al Sharpton is a scumbag.  He is a media whore and will stop at nothing to fulfill his self-proclaimed role as the second coming of Martin Luther King.  He wants Don Imus fired.  Never mind that Al Sharpton has referred to Jewish Americans as “diamond merchants.”  Never mind that Tawana Brawley affair where he was convicted of making defamatory remarks about the case prosecutor.  Never mind that where there are offended blacks and news cameras, there’s Sharpton.  Never mind that we can’t call for his firing because we don’t know exactly what the hell his job is. 

We cannot continue to have this mentality that offensive speech is never acceptable.  Offensive speech is protected.  Imus had every right to say what he said, and Sharpton has every right to petition for his removal.  However, Sharpton is masquerading as a civil rights activist in order to achieve his own agenda.  He knows that whites are guilt-ridden and he knows that corporations are castrated and unwilling to take a stand against anything that might be controversial.  It’s easier for him to point a finger at a goofy, white DJ wearing a cowboy hat than confront the black community and really discuss this nation’s problems.

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we need to sponsor this guy...

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